Merchandising – Information and Exhibition Support Frames

Methacrylate Brochure holders and Promotional Dispensers
Catalogue Holder Displays, Newspapers and Card Holders
Reading, Information and Catalogue Stands
Poster Holders (wall, floor, illuminated and ceiling)
Frames and Plastic Sleeves for Documents and Signs
Price Markers (digits, boards...), Sign Holders and Table Nºs.
Wooden, Light and Glass Writing Boards and Markers
Publicity and Menu Showcases
Cartas Portamenús y Complementos Hostelería

Protection, Prevention, Safety and Hygiene

Barrier Posts – Barricades
Counterfeit Money Detectors and Money Counters
Anti-Slip, Marking and Reflective Tapes
Safety Mirrors
Secure Boxes (Key Cabinets and Cash Boxes)
Security and Control Seals
Wastepaper Bins and Ashtrays
Protectors, Barriers, Speed Humps and Bicycle Racks
Láminas Adhesivas Protectoras para Cristales

Labelling – Interior and Exterior Signage

Signage Systems (Fixed, Exchangeable, Modular, etc...)
Apartment Signs (Door and Floor)
Cable Suspension System and Modular Structures
Safety Signs (Emergency, Prohibition, Warning, ... )
Standard Plaques (Information, WC Graphics and Neon signs)
Urban and Traffic Signs
Shelving and Warehouse Signs Systems
Signage Accessories and Assembly Kits
Vinilos decorativos y rebajas

Packaging, Seals and Shipping

Packaging Adhesive Tape, Sellotape and Applicators
Plastics (Bubble Wrap, Polythene, Foam, Stretch Film)
Cardboard Boxes and Tubes, Envelopes and Delivery Labels
Special Tape (Double-sided, Masking, Duct , Fabric, etc.)
Kraft Paper and Corrugated Cardboard
Balances and Scales
Staplers, Nail Guns and Glue Guns
Plastic Bags, Sealers and Impulse Sealers

Grouping and Sealing (Ropes, Belts, Bands, Straps, Seals)
Bags, Tape, Labels, Paper Holders and Gift Wrap

Labelling and Identification

Blank Self-Adhesive Labels – For Hand Written or Printed Use
Hand Held Labellers and Separators
Identification Holders and Wrist Bands (Magnet, Pin, etc...)
Ticket Holders for Shelves (Magnetic or Adhesive Fixture)
Tagging Guns and Loop Locks
“Take a Number” Systems, People Control and ID Cards
Adhesive Labels (Transport, Pipelines, Safety and Waste)
Hang Tags (Metallic, PVC, Card etc.)
CUSTOMISED Labels, Cards and Control Plates

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